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       Over 1.2 billion children were pushed out of the classroom in 186 countries. In February 2020, 250 million full-time students in China resumed their studies online. The pandemic also caused 81% of K-students to attend classes through the Tencent-K student online class. The ‘Think and Learning’ App also experienced a 200% increase in the number of new students. Alibaba Cloud rapidly expanded with more than 100,000 new servers to bridge the sudden influx. Most universities had to transition to online, with DingTalk ZJU offering more than 5000 online courses. With online learning requiring a gadget, 95% of students in Norway, Switzerland, were lucky to have one, while only 34% are privileged in Indonesia. In the US, most 15-year-old have access to gadgets. In contrast, 25% from unprivileged backgrounds completely have no access to any gadget. 90% of the countries adopted the digital online learning process, and 60% of the pre-primary did the same. TV reached more students during the period they stayed at home, attributing to 62%. Only 16% of the children were reached by radio for learning purposes. 83% of the countries used online platforms to ensure learning continued. 31% cannot be reached by either the broadcast platform or the internet-based learning. Government policies ensured at least 69% were reached through broadcast or media for education. s N a

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      With a general view of how the online market has grown, here are further insights into the world of online learning facts.l W j

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